Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Midnight Friendship

You called me at midnight the other day
And told me you can’t sleep
I yelled at you for waking me up
Hung up the phone
Went back to bed
And this time I couldn’t.
So I called you back
To ask what’s bothering you?
You shared
A complicated thought
That we celebrated the whole night
Wide awake.
Linked by a long telephone cable.
2 hours 13 minutes 4 seconds.
I don’t remember any other night
So clear!


  1. Jealous of you having some one who calls you at midnight to share his/her thoughts! Jealous of you having some one who has that incredible amount of trust and bonding :) And finally jealous of you for penning those moments and making me jealous :P

  2. Now it makes complete sense :)

  3. you rock.

    i wish I were you, young and needed.

    very fine tuned word flow.
    keep it up.

  4. Jingle, thats one of the best comments I have ever received. Thanks and regards :)

  5. मिली पल भर के लिए,
    छोड़ गयी अमित छाप.
    फिर मिलें न मिलें,
    मन में है विश्वास,
    छुएगी आसमान वोह,
    उसपे रहेगा हमें नाज़.
    वोह सादगी, वोह भावुक ह्रदय,
    वोह सृजन शक्ति,
    कला की ऊंचाई पर,
    होगा उसका राज.
    पहुंचे ऊंचाई पर,
    देखें उसकी आँखों में पहचान की इक चमक,
    तमन्ना है यही ,
    मिले उसे सब ख़ुशी

    वीरेंद्र सहदेव

  6. love this :) thanks for the appreciation which you send me on my blog.

  7. Good one. Liked the flow. The image it created. And the old school of thought about the phone :)

    keep it goin;)