Tuesday, November 24, 2009

When Dreams Come True

She counted butterflies through my eyes
Stood on her toes and; touched the skies
In one long breath, she gulped a cloud
And sang to the birds, clear and loud
She danced in the rain and climbed the trees
She peeped in the nest and hurt her knees
She wept and laughed, she could shout and scream
And cuddled on her bed with a lazy dream
She collected pebbles and milk white stars
Stored them in two transparent jars
Covered her memories in a foggy dawn
And greeted the day with a musical yawn

A weird dream I could never understand
Until they gave my “baby girl” in my hand!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Blue and Black

Battery of my phone was too sleepy to wake me up that morning

The alarm dozed off…

A series of “Getting Late” followed

The mirror frowned at me and I stepped out of that drowsy door…

I sat in the bus that looked like my boss

Always in a hurry, thousand things to worry

A lamppost…A milkman…An idli wallah

Three things my eyes picked up on the way.

And that little brain in there started its day!

A coffee mug, some tapping shoes

I can smell the paper, with news and views

These e-mails I guess were up all night

Spams have their own battle to fight

The cursor moves with a lazy click

Wake up guys “We gotta be quick”

Hustle bustle come and go

Each hour performs a different show

That superfast clock completes one whole round

I see faces disappear, with their annoying sound

I shut that last moron (laptop) and pick up my bag

Jump off the stairs and remove the tag

And that’s when my senses pick up a pace

Those two stuck lips, curve a smile on my face

I breathe, I laugh, I think, I write

And that’s what I call a perfect “Good Night”

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I opened my eyes and saw her first
She was my savior in hunger and thirst
I cling to her till I grew
And then I wanted something new
A passion drove me to taste and smell
The world that they fondly call as Hell
I took my turn and did my best
But then I grew up and needed some rest
She looked at me, a twinkle in her eye
I could feel myself smiling, don’t know why
I held her hand & said “be mine”
And then started looking for another sign
They gave me a job and said you’re good
I could manage the house and the food
But then one day when boredom struck
I went back and asked “Is this my luck?”
She gave me a son to carry my name
And with him came more money and fame
A perfect life, the tag was true
But I grew out of it, for something new
My wrinkled face and graying hair
No other life to live in spare
Then one day I found a pen
And began to write all over again
From letters to words the pages grew
And yet each time the meaning was new
Every word I felt had a life of its own
They often spoke to me in flesh and bone
Never before did I feel this way
My lifelong quest found solace that day
I felt complete with each new word
You must have read or carefully heard
I am leaving my thoughts and words for you
Just in case you’re looking for something new