Tuesday, February 14, 2017

We Left Too Much Behind

We left too much behind.
A milky moon floating in our coffee
Unbuttoned thoughts
A mason jar filled with sunshine, 
And words.
Words that still float mid air
waiting to be spoken,
incomplete, cracked, dusty
And those butterflies in the stomach.
They have died.
We left too much behind.


We speak like rattling rain
And fumble through inhibitions
Before we reach each other.
I dip each word, in the inky darkness of my mind and hang it over the moon.
And he,
He glorifies the crescent
Day after day after day.
We aren't meant for each other
We don't intend to be.
We exchange random pieces of mind
The puzzle latches perfectly.
And then we dance
In our heads, together
Surrender to the whirling
Of this dervish, the universe
He knows, and I know
This is what there is
He knows and I know
This is all that there will ever be.

we shall meet over the moon
And read to each other
Every poem of the past

When the moon looks brighter
Know, that we took our poems back.

Final performance

I see building blocks 
ferociously multiplying around me.
Into people, places, things
An ongoing chaos of nothingness
I am standing still, witnessing vacuum 
Trying to breathe in this noisy ensemble
One sigh at a time.
Dumb charades, my favourite childhood game
Seeped into existence,
Every performance is near perfect
Except these steely cold eyes, they refuse to budge.
And I am losing each game
To these ferociously multiplying building blocks.
Someday, the butterflies will shed their wings
And the ugly nakedness will free them
From beauty and burden
That day, they will fly astray, for once.
And the building blocks will melt
With these steely cold eyes
Dissolving everything into
A perfect final performance.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

An Awaited End.

I stand alone gulping the lazy sun
Slouching in sky, avoiding everyone
A chaotic day, finally descending
Darkness sprouts in a happy ending

A quite little leaf falls from a tree
You sigh at its fall, I am glad it’s free
The dry twigs see no point extending
green, brown and a happy ending.

You say I love and I promise to stay
And our feelings change, everyday
No more farce, lets stop pretending
And bless ourselves with a happy ending.

Inhaled thoughts, condense in minds
Life is a hallucination, one of its kinds
A calm death, blissfully transcend
Each breath born with an awaited end!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Days When I Hate Rains!

And when it rains all of a sudden
Water seeps through skin and soul
I feel the droplets in my veins
A shivering, drenched, shattered whole
Something is wrong, somewhere for sure
An abrupt pain, I can’t endure
The gaps you filled dissolve in rain
Washed off thoughts, hang obscure
No I don’t understand myself
It’s too much of a walk within
And yes, the soul has changed its shape
It boldly rebels, and loves all sin
Showering clouds, once made me smile
Now all the dampness stays and seep
The murky rains weave a scary splash
Stifling emotions, pushing them deep
And when it rains all of a sudden
Tears refuse to compete and dry
It pours and pours, pain floats on brim
I scold a happy kid, dancing nearby

Friday, August 12, 2011

When I am no more!

How would I know, I am not here?
A stagnant period. A sudden fear.
Who will open my window at dawn?
And snooze my alarm when I am gone.
That creaky cupboard and stubborn drawer
Who will take my warm water shower?
Sleepy mirror, would you forget this face?
Will the air suffer? Just in case!
My words, poems, books and its pages
My stifled thoughts, unimagined images
Will they wait for me in vain?
Or stick to someone else’s pain?
Unseen tomorrows, unheard talks
Claps and shivers and smiles and walks
Where will all of it suddenly go?
Replacing life with an empty flow
Nihility is such a curious bliss
When I am no more,
Who would be imagining this?

Something Weird Happened That Day!

In case I forget to write about this
I want you know
I swallowed some words by mistake once
And didn’t understand where did they go?
I feel something on my fingertips
A charming passionate greed
Thoughts flow and words follow
At a magically divine speed
There’s a tree growing within me
I feel each branch and leaf
Some poems fall on an autumn eve
I shake them off my sleeve
Spaces and voids, long and large
Melt into thoughts and stay
I often keep wondering what happened
To the words I swallowed that day?