Monday, November 23, 2009

Blue and Black

Battery of my phone was too sleepy to wake me up that morning

The alarm dozed off…

A series of “Getting Late” followed

The mirror frowned at me and I stepped out of that drowsy door…

I sat in the bus that looked like my boss

Always in a hurry, thousand things to worry

A lamppost…A milkman…An idli wallah

Three things my eyes picked up on the way.

And that little brain in there started its day!

A coffee mug, some tapping shoes

I can smell the paper, with news and views

These e-mails I guess were up all night

Spams have their own battle to fight

The cursor moves with a lazy click

Wake up guys “We gotta be quick”

Hustle bustle come and go

Each hour performs a different show

That superfast clock completes one whole round

I see faces disappear, with their annoying sound

I shut that last moron (laptop) and pick up my bag

Jump off the stairs and remove the tag

And that’s when my senses pick up a pace

Those two stuck lips, curve a smile on my face

I breathe, I laugh, I think, I write

And that’s what I call a perfect “Good Night”


  1. And thats what I call a perfect day...explained by a perfect poem...:D

  2. Well written....typical day & typical feelings

  3. what a great way to write about how your day went.