Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I opened my eyes and saw her first
She was my savior in hunger and thirst
I cling to her till I grew
And then I wanted something new
A passion drove me to taste and smell
The world that they fondly call as Hell
I took my turn and did my best
But then I grew up and needed some rest
She looked at me, a twinkle in her eye
I could feel myself smiling, don’t know why
I held her hand & said “be mine”
And then started looking for another sign
They gave me a job and said you’re good
I could manage the house and the food
But then one day when boredom struck
I went back and asked “Is this my luck?”
She gave me a son to carry my name
And with him came more money and fame
A perfect life, the tag was true
But I grew out of it, for something new
My wrinkled face and graying hair
No other life to live in spare
Then one day I found a pen
And began to write all over again
From letters to words the pages grew
And yet each time the meaning was new
Every word I felt had a life of its own
They often spoke to me in flesh and bone
Never before did I feel this way
My lifelong quest found solace that day
I felt complete with each new word
You must have read or carefully heard
I am leaving my thoughts and words for you
Just in case you’re looking for something new


  1. wow...you're a good writer..
    i love your work.

    btw, thanks for visiting my blog =)