Thursday, March 17, 2011

Letter to a friend…

Remember that fairy tale we read together?

The prince and princess wearing crowns studded
With rarest of gems!
I got the similar ones made from my jeweler.
But he says he’ll have to replace the gems with artificial colored stones
I Compromised!

And you remember we read about the lamp they had that
Emitted the light of love?
I tried finding it in each mall but managed to find just an ordinary one
They sold it saying “The soothing light will make you fall in love”
I bought it with the explanation.
I Compromised!

And how could I forget those fruits the prince plucked from the tree of wishes
He gifted each wish to the princess.
There are not many fruit trees left in my city. I just bought a few fruits from the fruit seller. One of them was even rotten.
Does that mean our wishes are rotting out? Maybe!
But…I Compromised!

I managed to get most of the things we read about in that fairy tale.
Last night….
I tried to make that fairy tale a reality
But I couldn’t
This time I can’t compromise!

So I am giving up the real and going back to where we started.
No compromises anymore.

Hope you read me in the next fairy tale.


  1. not able understand fully :) can u tell me more about this?

  2. Chandan, I love that comment. After ages someone has asked me what my poem means.
    Its about a girl who is writing to a friend, describing their childhood world of fairy tales and how reality is so starkingly different. She tries to compromise but realises the fairy tales she has suvived on are nothing but a myth. Unable to take the reality she ends her life.
    Now read it again!

  3. you say best with your poems..i say, finish off all the paper on this earth :D

  4. life taught me to respect herself,out of fear!
    but you are right!
    no compromise!

  5. LOST! I love the way you call life "Her"