Friday, July 22, 2011

Will I See You Flying?

She lived like a gush of wind
And looked like breeze in trance
Her thoughts freely bounced on paper
In an awesomely imperfect dance

She loved and sang and smiled to the sky
Dived in dreams without asking why

Her hair hung loose, they swept the blues
She changed stifled Dont’s to cheerful ‘Do’s’

How who what where?
She had no time to care.
An open book, a coffee mug
And cosy whispers of their love affair.

She spoke like a waterfall
Could reach the sky when stood tall

Each thought born & brought up well
Expressions you could touch and smell

One life blessed with fresh little things
Where thoughts could easily turn into wings.

A friend I lost to chaos and pain
Will I see you flying, ever again?