Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Zillion Wonderful Things

I hid that first poem from everyone
But you read it in my eyes
You taught me to love my books
And smile with every sunrise
I don’t understand this world
I would crib and ask you why
“You will learn as you mature”
Those words I could never deny
We shared thoughts and stories
You helped me arrange my rhyme
Our football game in the drawing room
The constantly giggling wind chime
My teacher told you once
Your daughter is naughty as hell
‘She is what she is’
You said at once in rebel
I sneaked into your blanket
After watching a movie of ghost
You somehow knew my happy key
And offered me a buttered toast
You said life is like that bread toaster
At times the grilling gets tough
Just add the bliss of your favourite butter
And remember you always have enough
You taught me to enjoy silence
And soar without wings
To believe every heart is beautiful
And a zillion wonderful things
On a lonely evening, amidst all chaos
Whenever I look at the pale sky
A dad who made me who I am
Reminds me how to fly


  1. this is superb... :( i like.. :))

  2. so like........

  3. amazing! ur dad wud be so proud of u :)

  4. Rabia- Thanks sweety. Sonu- thankyou.
    Sawan- I try my best to make him proud. Only if he was here to see me write about him. I lost him many years back.

  5. i am sorry Chandra :( but i am sure he is with u, every moment; how else could you be such a wonderful daughter!

  6. I am glad you said that. Thanks. And its Chandrama :)

  7. This is One Side....I will make Mehr read this whenever she can

  8. Hiten, you need not make her read it. I am sure she will grow with it. Loads of love to her :)

  9. wow!! wonderful poem ....
    i liked ur style of writing very nice flow...
    keep writing & smiling :)