Thursday, October 1, 2009

It’s her…

I can see myself in her eyes and my reflection looks back at me with an expression so real that I sometimes wonder who exists? Is it me in flesh and blood or is it that reflection of mine peeping from her eyes?

She talks softly, pronouncing each word clearly one after the other. She gives me enough time to draw a perfect meaning out of each thought. Nothing confuses me; there are no questions to ask at the end and the best part is that, our conversation is never-ending. She speaks with her eyes!

She held my hand the other day and was counting the lines on my palm. She held her palm close to mine and we could see the lines running from my palm to hers attaching themselves. It didn’t feel miraculous at all. It was meant to be that way.

There is mole on the left side of her neck. I often touch it and play with it when she rests her head on my lap. At times it looks like a heart, then it turns to a black butterfly and when she looks at me, it simply disappears under her neck. I often notice this mole actually breathes with her.

She’s got short hair. She doesn’t comb them and yet they look neat. I have never seen them entangled in each other. Her conditioner adds a nice bounce to them. I’ve seen her hair singing with the wind and dozing with the early morning sun. They try to talk to me but they are so many that the chaos gets difficult to handle. So I don’t listen to them…I just watch them dance on her head.

She has a brown dress that camouflages so well with her body, feels like she’s just pulled over another layer of skin. I see the shades of her skin mixing with the color of her dress. It’s like someone is painting her all over again

Who coined the word LOVE?

It’s such a pale explanation of my feelings for her!


  1. Hey,This was good description of yours I guess! :)
    Well written.Well chosen array of words!
    Keep Writing and most important enjoying the writing!

  2. Thanks Jeet, I always feel I am not all that great when it comes to romantic writing and stuff. Thanks for the encouragement!