Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Poem for an unknown mother...

I wanted to be you
For all this while
I longed for your elegance
And that perfect smile
I picked up your style
I did things your way
How would you react?
What would you say?
Your thoughts your dreams
Your hair & your eyes
To an extent that I wanted
The feet of your size
And then one day I saw you cry
A zillion questions, but couldn't ask why
You said you were weak, I could feel the pain
You didn't even want to stand up again
Life is a bitch, I heard you say
And before I knew you were gone away
I still keep wondering, after all these years
How do smiles suddenly, change to tears?


  1. simple,touching and beautiful.... :)

  2. amazing ... beautifully articulated...

    Keep Writing and smiling ..