Wednesday, August 17, 2011

An Awaited End.

I stand alone gulping the lazy sun
Slouching in sky, avoiding everyone
A chaotic day, finally descending
Darkness sprouts in a happy ending

A quite little leaf falls from a tree
You sigh at its fall, I am glad it’s free
The dry twigs see no point extending
green, brown and a happy ending.

You say I love and I promise to stay
And our feelings change, everyday
No more farce, lets stop pretending
And bless ourselves with a happy ending.

Inhaled thoughts, condense in minds
Life is a hallucination, one of its kinds
A calm death, blissfully transcend
Each breath born with an awaited end!


  1. loved the line "You sigh at its fall, I am glad it’s free". never thought one could feel happy for a dried, wilting leaf.. it made me smile.. :)

  2. i have always liked all that you write....long time no blogging kya? hope you remember me!