Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Days When I Hate Rains!

And when it rains all of a sudden
Water seeps through skin and soul
I feel the droplets in my veins
A shivering, drenched, shattered whole
Something is wrong, somewhere for sure
An abrupt pain, I can’t endure
The gaps you filled dissolve in rain
Washed off thoughts, hang obscure
No I don’t understand myself
It’s too much of a walk within
And yes, the soul has changed its shape
It boldly rebels, and loves all sin
Showering clouds, once made me smile
Now all the dampness stays and seep
The murky rains weave a scary splash
Stifling emotions, pushing them deep
And when it rains all of a sudden
Tears refuse to compete and dry
It pours and pours, pain floats on brim
I scold a happy kid, dancing nearby


  1. neat nice poetry. cool.i liked the idea and the words too.

  2. Very intense...nice one! Though I am forever in love with the rains, I can imagine it to be painful too...