Friday, August 12, 2011

When I am no more!

How would I know, I am not here?
A stagnant period. A sudden fear.
Who will open my window at dawn?
And snooze my alarm when I am gone.
That creaky cupboard and stubborn drawer
Who will take my warm water shower?
Sleepy mirror, would you forget this face?
Will the air suffer? Just in case!
My words, poems, books and its pages
My stifled thoughts, unimagined images
Will they wait for me in vain?
Or stick to someone else’s pain?
Unseen tomorrows, unheard talks
Claps and shivers and smiles and walks
Where will all of it suddenly go?
Replacing life with an empty flow
Nihility is such a curious bliss
When I am no more,
Who would be imagining this?


  1. That was very imaginative! liked the poem!

  2. CONGRATS ON THE EDITOR'S CHOICE! I knew this poem deserved a recommendation!

  3. Thanks :) People being able to relate to it is my award. I am glad you found it worth recommending!

  4. Wow, I randomly came across this poem and just thought "wow". It made me feel so many emotions, that I am at a lost to describe how I realy feel. I just keep thinking I want this hanging on my wall somewhere in my house. I want other people to read this.Thank you for sharing this.

  5. thats such o lovely poem.. loved d end.. its a thoughteah of us have.. n u put it across beautiful