Friday, August 12, 2011

Something Weird Happened That Day!

In case I forget to write about this
I want you know
I swallowed some words by mistake once
And didn’t understand where did they go?
I feel something on my fingertips
A charming passionate greed
Thoughts flow and words follow
At a magically divine speed
There’s a tree growing within me
I feel each branch and leaf
Some poems fall on an autumn eve
I shake them off my sleeve
Spaces and voids, long and large
Melt into thoughts and stay
I often keep wondering what happened
To the words I swallowed that day?


  1. Each day has its remains.. keep writing and posting.. good one chandrama.. btw nice name! :)

  2. Thanks Himanshu. And for a change, nice comment. I want to know what people think about my poetry in the comments section rather than a bland 'Nice!' Glad you like my name :)

  3. It provokes the pain of unexpressed feelings for your loved ones. I am moved from within. Good one...