Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I loved the way you kissed me
You were awake the whole night just to see me dream.
I can still feel your tear on my lip; the one you wiped

when you thought you would lose me

You made me sip your coffee to make it sweet
and the chocolate that melted in our kiss!
I remember every small thing
every touch, every breath, every word you said
With you I discovered completeness…
Today, without you
I miss a part of me
for that matter…the heart of me
I can hear a knock on my door again…
Please! don’t send any more memories;
just come back and shut the door.


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  2. Dont send memories... just come back... too good

  3. words get a completely new dimension, when you type them! awesome verses.....glad i found you!!!

  4. Hey Tiger, thanks for your comment. I personally too like this line the most.
    Inktank, good to see you here. I was running out of ink. Your comments are like refillers. Do not stop commenting. They mean a lot to me :)

  5. Hey Chandrama,
    this really sounds very gr8, and the ending "Please! don’t send any more memories;
    just come back and shut the door." is really awesome
    Cheers my dear....

  6. Was browsing thru ur blogs looking for something nice to read. Loved this one. Again! though I have read this twice before.