Friday, September 4, 2009


Your eyes looked at me and you said
I am your fairy…an angel (without wings) sent for you
You said my eyes were beautiful, my smile exuberant
Though you were not very happy with my haircut
You preferred long silky hair
And I remember the fuss you created when I got that pimple on my left cheek!
You said you wanted me with a flawless face, mind and character.
I always thought you were concerned about me
Protective and careful for I was your possession.
But all this started suffocating me
Breaking the shell of a fairy or an angel,
I wanted to be human. Not beautiful, just natural!
I wanted to be myself…
With MY dreams, MY desires and MY needs
And break all the puppet strings entangled in your fingers
I wanted to throw that unbreakable tag around my neck,
which said
"This object belongs to ME and so is precious"

I wanted to live, and breathe and think…
So………I killed myself!

1 comment:

  1. I can read all the emotions attached to every single word in this
    Suiside Note..
    MooN.. i just devised some lines for all your touching lines..

    ashko mein jaise dhul gaye the sab muskuraate rang,
    raste mein thak ke so gayi thi maasum si umang,
    dil hai ki phir bhi khwaab sajaane ka shauk hai
    paththar pe bhi gulaab ugaane ka shauk hai..

    barso se yun to ek amaawas ki raat hai
    abb isako hausala kahoon ki jidd ki baat hain,
    dil kehta hain andhere mein bhi roshani to hai
    maana ke raakh ho gaye ummid ke wo pal..
    is raakh mein bhi aag kahi par dabi toh hain.