Monday, August 1, 2011

Blind Love!

I move mechanically on concrete roads
Puzzled surrounding, locked in codes
Straight faces, scanning smoke
Lifeless existence, a solemn joke.
Just then something knocks my brain
A figure holding umbrella, when there’s no rain
Peace struck shape, no layers of worry
In some kind of spell, no rush, no hurry.
Grip me at once, I walk her way
And that explains getting carried away
I utter a meek ‘excuse me’ there
She turns with a cheerful, blank stare
Two sightless eyes, touch my sound
Painting me in darkness all around
‘Oh! I am so sorry’ I hear me say
She replies ‘Ain’t it a beautiful day?’
"I hear birds chirping, the breeze makes me sing
And life is such a marvellous thing
I imagine it all and bliss paints the dim
Experiencing my being, filled to the brim"
She says goodbye and smiles again
No bout of grief, no streak of pain
My blind love moment, an unforgettable chapter
Gives me and my life, a happily ever after.


  1. These are some super super words...I love the thought behind the poem...

  2. nice stuff...
    different view!
    keep writing & smiling :)