Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A ‘Not-So-Pleasant’ Love Song!

Being in love is a funny term
An uncomfortable, constant squirm.
Life, longing, touch and pain
Everything at once, goes in vain
You can’t see this, you won’t do that
And all of a sudden, what are you looking at?
Dreams decay and truths expose
Togetherness becomes a frozen pose
A blank stare, loitering around
Untouched moments, no trace of sound
Rose petals falling apart
A lonely, stagnant, wounded heart.

Get up one day and hold her close
Spare him of your instruction overdose
Look at her and kiss her eyes
Don’t over-react on his size and lies.
Take a day off, do your own things
Count your breaths, spread your wings
Too much of love and all that pretence
Understand, at times, nothing makes sense
Love yourself and then the other
Stop being her dad, and his mother
Love is over-rated, companionship stays
Bring on the colors, shed off those greys


  1. Well said...bring on the colors...:))) sepia will also do for a while :)

  2. loving your poetry...makes me want to write my unfinished ones :)

  3. Please do Mohammed. And share it with me as well :)