Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Poem!

Heaps and heaps of words
Stuck in desperation, mute, blind
I un-turn pages and unfold stories
A deliberate, hysterical rewind
A happy poem they ask for
Colour, dance and delight
I dig out thoughts, restlessly
Terrified letters turn white
A little joy stuck on my ink
Left unattended for long
A sore throat, humming pain
Forgotten childhood song
Pages and pages of tear drops
I touch the dried up pain
Frozen words, no glimpse of glee
Beautifully insane
Joy slowly leaks through verses
A constant discomforting writhe
The idea of a happy poem
Is merely an unaccepted myth


  1. nice one....!touchy
    check my poem blog

  2. my thoughts, most of the times...nice one!

  3. Thanks Mohammed. I am glad your thoughts relate to my words. Guess thats what I want to achieve in my poetry.